Premium quality aluminium windows

Our windows are a premium range of bespoke aluminium windows, which are cleverly designed and available in a wide range of finishes to perfectly suit your property.

Choose your style to perfectly compliment any home

The Origin Slimline Window (OW70) with its ultra slime sightlines is perfect for areas where maximum light is important. The Origin Premium Window (OW80) is a stylish alternative offering internal and external flush casement windows. Both windows offer the style, sophistication and security that your home deserves. Traditional craftmanship, combined a choice of colour and contemporary hardware, ensures that our windows are an excellent solution for townhouse properties, traditional countryside dwellings, art deco designs and properties in conservational areas.

Optimum Security

Not only do our windows offer attractive designs, but they are also incredibly secure. A Yale Encloser lock provides bi-directional locking technology for a truly secure window. In addition, high security stainless steel hinges offer unrivalled compression through a unique patented hinge geometry and the hinge guards ensure complete protection from intruders.

Unique Flush Casement

Both our window ranges are manufactured from the same aluminium as our bifold doors.

The Origin OW-80 window offers a unique internal and external flush casement, while the Origin OW-70 Slimline window offers sightlines of just 65mm.

Both windows are available in any RAL colour, are highly secure, thermally efficient and have a 20 year guarantee.

Bay Windows

Bay windows offer more light into your property and give you valuable extra space. They also make a strong style statement.

All elements of a Bifolds Plus bay window are bespoke so the options are vast when it comes to colour, configuration etc.

Tell us your requirements and allow us to design a perfect bay window for your home.

Gable Windows

Suitable for even the shallowest of roof pitches, our gable windows can be designed as a standalone window or we can design it so that they line up with any bifold doors or sliding doors below for the ultimate statement look.

Allow the maximum amount of natural light flood into your home, capture more views from your property and create a striking architectural feature.



Casement Windows

Available in a wide range of configurations, with top or side hung windows. Dummy sashes also available, meaning although the sash doesn't open it matches the sightlines of any attached opening sash unlike a fixed sash.

Available as side hung at up to 1000mm wide and 1800mm tall or as top hung 1500mm wide by 1500mm tall.

For larger apertures, windows can be coupled together while still retaining strengh and security.