Technical Information

At Bifolds Plus we aim to provide our customers with up to date important product information and updates. So, whether you’re still in the process of selecting your bifold doors or are now involved with the survey/installation process, there’s information available to help you every step of the way.


Below are some detailed product images:

Inside Threshold

Inside Threshold Detail

Inside Threshold

Outside Threshold Detail

Outside Threshold

Rebated Threshold Detail

Low Threshold

Low Threshold Detail

Free Glide System

Overview of Free Glide Running System

Free Glide Top

Free Glide Top Running System Detail

Free Glide Running Low Track

Free Glide Bottom Running System Detail

Trickle Vent

Trickle Vent Detail

There are technical drawings available on request (as .pdf documents) for:

  • 2d 135 - Post Detail

  • 3+2 Corner Post Doors

  • Hingestile Detail (open in)

  • Hingestile Detail

  • Jamb Detail

  • Jamb Fixing Detail

  • Low Threshold Detail

  • Moving Corner Post Detail

  • Standard Threshold (open in)

  • Standard Threshold

  • Tricke Vent Detail