Folding Options

Our bifold doors offer an enormous choice of configurations to suit your home. The doors can open either in or out and can be fitted to openings from 0.8m to 9.6m.

We are also able to offer various configurations for corners or bays.

Whether it is a 3 door set or a corner set the effect remains the same - a truly special WOW factor for your home.

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The handles of your Biofolds Plus doors are its primary point of human contact. They must blend reliable functionality with tasteful aesthetics.

Our handles are given the same attention to detail as all other components and so you can be assured that they will offer the same fautless service.

Colour matched, brushed chrome or gold - we have a handle which is right for you!

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Make a statement, or simply match the surroundings of your home. Contemporary or traditional? Subtle or outrageous?

Bifolds Plus doors are available in a wide range of standard colours and woodgrain finishes.

But you're fulfilling your dreams so we will be more than happy to match any RAL colour of your choice.

Don't want that same bold statement outside? Simply choose a different colour for the outside of your doors to blend with the rest of your property.

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