Bifolds Plus 3 door option

3 door option

3 doors folding in the same direction is our most popular configuration. It gives you an everyday access door, an extra secure multi-point lock and is very easy to operate.

Our 3 door configuration can be as small as 1.4 metres wide and as big as 3.6m. With each door made bespoke we can also make any size in between.

Opening Range from 1.4m to 3.6m

Prices from £2,690 + VAT *

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Bifolds Plus 4 door option

4 door option

We recommend a 3+1 configuration for 4 panel folding doors. We recommend this set up because it is more practical than having the 4 doors folding in the same direction. The main reasons are that you can open one door on its own, like a normal back door, without having to fold any more doors.

You also get the extra secure multi-point lock which isn’t available on 4+0 configuration. We have however fitted many 4 doors folding in the same direction and would be happy to talk you through the benefits.

Opening Range from 1.6m to 4.8m

Prices from £3,584 + VAT *

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Bifolds Plus 5 door option

5 door option

5+0 or 5 bi-fold doors all folding in the same direction is one of our favourite configurations at Bifolds Plus. It can be used in openings as wide as 6 metres letting huge amounts of light into your home giving your home a spacious, open feel. This set up allows for secured locking and a door for everyday use.

Opening Range from 2.0m to 6.0m

Prices from £4,409 + VAT *

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Bifolds Plus 6 door option

6 door option

For openings of 4.8 metres and above we often recommend a 3+3 6 door set up. This set up gives you everything you need. The two panels in the centre can be opened to work as a French door. When the bi-fold doors are fully open having 3 doors either gives the symmetrical look. As well as looking great and opening up a large area the 3+3 configuration is also practical. It has an everyday access door and secured keyed locking.

Opening Range from 2.4m to 7.2m

Prices from £5,233 + VAT *

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Bifolds Plus 7 door option

7 door option

Reserved for big openings 7 door sets can be used to open the up the back of an entire home, extension or pool house. When choosing the best 7 door it really is up to you. We have many different configurations and each gives you different things. It would be best to speak to an expert at Bifolds Plus to discuss the best configuration for you.

Opening Range from 2.8m to 8.4m

Prices from £5,960 + VAT *

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Bifolds Plus 7 door option

Corner Bifold Sets

Corner bi-folding doors can be incredible when completed. They can have a fixed corner post or a moving corner post which allows a completely clear corner like on the video to the right. The best configuration for you depends on the size of your opening and also the structural support in place. If you do have any questions about corner bi fold doors you can always ring or email us and we would be happy to help..

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* All prices based on minimum width per configuration, Hipca White with security handles and 24mm double glazing unit. Includes delivery and installation.