Bifolds Plus 20 year guarantee


20 Year Guarantee

Exceptional care is taken in the design of our doors for durability and long-term performance. Only ultra-high quality components are used in a Bifolds Plus residential door. Our doors are built by skilled craftsmen who take pride in creating the best doors money can buy.

Origin's Research and Development teams work tirelessly to ensure that every component part, manufacturing technique and feature is the best that it can be. Rigourous quality testing throughout the manufacturing process ensure that doors leaving the factory are of an unrivalled quality.

That’s why Bifold Plus doors are guaranteed to perform faultlessly for 20 years*. So, embrace your new lifestyle with the solid reassurance of our unrivalled guarantee.

*Please note: frames, locks and finish will be covered by a 20 year guarantee. However, panels will be limited by a 5 year warranty.