Bifolds Plus Residential Door offers unrivalled security


Safe and Secure

Bifolds Plus residential doors are of course aesthetically pleasing, but that is only part of the story. They have to be able to provide your home with security.

All of our residential doors are equipped with Origin's multi-locking system and 3 star barrel as standard.

Doors with a bar or pull-bar handle will have a 5-point automatic locking system with key only access. This allows the door to be closed and locked without the need to lift the lever first.

Doors with a Yale security handle will have Origin's unique 8-point locking system with an offset spindle function.

When selected as a French door, there will be a finger bolt to lock the slave door in place.

Chamfered 20mm linear bolts offer smoother operating when engaging the lock, as well as giving maximum compression for increased weather resistance. Add deep throw 25mm security hooks - the deepest engagement available on the market today - and the lock delivers the best in both security and weather proofing.